Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster Put Off Their Wedding

Usher Raymond and his pregnant fiance Tameka Foster canceled their wedding for reasons best known to them. The Daily Blabber has all the details of the rumours on the wedding fiasco.

Some rumour mongers pointed accusing fingers at his mother.Every mother in-law should mind their business and stop messing around the love affairs of their sons and daughters.

Why should anyone even call Usher's girlfriend Tameka Foster a bitch?
Do you know her?
Have you spent some quality time with her?
It takes two to tango!

Others said Usher was bi-sexual?
Anybody just wants to come online and whine about celebs they have never even met!
Calling Usher bi-sexual?

Usher slept with Tameka Foster and she got pregnant. Period.
He has to take full responsibility for it.
He is comfortable enough to start his own family.
He cannot be Mommy's boy forever.
Usher should be man enough to marry the woman carrying his child if he truly loves her.

She has children from a previous marriage?
So what?
So single mothers should become nuns?
Usher should sleep with younger girls?
What is wrong with older women?
Older women are better.And I am speaking from experience.

Only time will tell if you truly love someone.
Because, you need time to prove your love.
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