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Hitched Brides Love a Big Ring

21 Jan 2008 08:00 Africa/Lagos

Hitched Brides Love a Big Ring

CAMBERLEY, England, January 21/PRNewswire/ --

Is a proposal as simple as just saying 'Will you marry me', or 'Will you do me the honour'? According to 32% of brides in the UK, it is, but what did the other 68% have to say?

Recent research carried out by the UK's most popular online wedding guide discovered that 'tradition' is not dead. Even though some men still prefer to propose in bed, at the end of a rowdy night out on the town, or by text message (?), the majority of nervous grooms build up the courage to go all out and make it romantic, or at least think they are being romantic.

When asked if there was anything they would have changed about one of the most romantic moments of their lives, several women came back with the clear statement of 'bigger diamond!' On the flip side, some women would have liked a ring to have been produced or even mentioned, rather than just the sentimental words.

- 54% of romantic men still get down on one knee

- 44% of men asked their partners father for permission to marry

- 57% of men shed a tear, or ten, when she said yes

- 65% of women said he could have put more effort & preparation into the proposal

- 25% of couples wait longer than 5 years before taking their relationship that step further

- 23% of women have been proposed to more than once

- 69% of women thought the timing of the proposal in their relationship was perfect

Besides having to fork out for bigger rocks, be more creative, and pick a better moment to propose, it seems as if our grooms still have a romantic mentality. With Valentines Day just around the corner, will anxious men be extra imaginative this year, or being a leap year, tradition permitting women to propose on the 29th of February, will it be the ladies creating an influx of proposals in 2008?


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